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One Day Workshop on MATLAB and Its Applications in Image Processing

All the students of BE/ME are informed that Department of Computer Engineering is organizing One Day Workshop on “MATLAB and Its Applications in Image Processing” on 22/02/2017.

Interested candidates can register at following link:

Maximum allowed candidates are Forty (40). First priority will be given to ME students. List of selected candidates will be published on the same link at 4:00 PM, 21/02/2017.

Time: 11:30 onwards

Venue: 8219, Seminar Hall, Second Floor

Expert: Prof. Mahesh Goyani.


Student Record

All the students of CE/IT are informed to enter their details at following link. These details will be used for Placement, Exams, Government benefits and other academic activities. Enter all the mentioned details to stay tuned with latest activities.

Ask your friends to enter details as soon as possible.


Expert Talk

Dear Students, Department of Computer Engineering / Information Technology is celebrating Engineer's Day on 15th Sepetember, 2016. Under that, department has organized an expert talk on "Video Summarization and Auto Highlight Generation from Sports Video". Expert talk will be delivered by Prof. Mahesh Goyani

Scope of the talk would be:

  • Introduction to Text, Image and Video
  • Structure of Video
  • Need of Summarization
  • Key Frame Detection
  • Segmentation
  • Various Scene Deteation in Sport
  • Event Mining

Interested Candidates can register on following link on or before 04:00 PM, 14.09.2015

Time: 11:30 AM Onwards

Venue: 1st Floor Seminar Hall (Room No.: 8219)

Keep visiting the page for details about time and venue

Thank You...!!!


Project Presentation

Students under my guidance are informed to remain present for project presentation on 21.09.2016, 11:00 AM onwards. Candidates are expected to come with a small presentaion about their topic, describing scope of work and future time scheduling of the work. Presentation should have following slides (atleast)

  • Title Slide
  • Company Detail (If its IDP)
  • Roadmap
  • Introduction
  • Application
  • Scope / Modules of Project
  • Work Distribution
  • Tools & Technology
  • Month wise detail planing
  • Conclusion
  • Thank You

Those who will fail to produce the same, will not be entitled for futher guidance.


All the studetns are instructed to submit practicals in printed (Single Side only) form strictly in attached format.

  • Program foramt
  • You must have to add your Enrollment number and name in the footer
  • Number of praticals to be done in Computer Graphics: 12
  • Number of praticals to be done in Design and Analysis of Algorithm: 5
  • Number of praticals to be done in Digital Image Processing: 13


All the studetns are instructed to choose their personality under Who Am I? assignment. Dont limit your survey to one web site only. Explore at least five web sites.

Format is attached here for Andrew S. Tanenbaum. Feel free to add more details.

Add your Enrollment number and name in the footer


Report Format

  • Page size: A4
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Font Size: 16 for heading, 14 for sub heading and 12 for content
  • Use common bullets throughout report
  • Line spacing: 1.5
  • Fully justified text
  • Figure caption must appear BELOW figure with proper naming convention like Figure 1. Block diagram of face recognition system
  • Table should appear horizontally in the center of the page
  • Table caption must appear ABOVE table with proper naming convention like TABLE 1. Comparative analysis of PCA v/s LDA
  • Avoid underline text in report
  • Use italic font style to emphasis particular terminology / definition
  • Do not change font or formatting style anywhere in report.


Government MCA College, Maninagar is organizing an expert talk on A Closer Look @ Image. Session is open for all the students of 2nd, 4th and 6th semester students. Interested students can participate. Talk will be followed with pratical implementation on MATLAB research tool.

Scope of the talk:

  • Formation of Image
  • Structure and storage of image
  • Types of images
  • Operations on image
  • Applications of image processing

Speaker: Prof. Mahesh Goyani

Venue: Swami Vivekananda Seminar Hall

Date: 11.03.2015, Wednesday

Time: 01:30 PM Onwards..

Note: Preresgistration is NOT required to attend the expert talk